Winning versus Contributing

Its been a couple of months since i started a podcast.
I’ve received countless mails, messages and testimonials from so many people that assure me it was a project worth investing my time in.
Surprisingly, I also found out that quite a few people were actually depressed listening to these podcasts. The dialogue i heard from a few listeners was: “The podcast is very nice, but the guests are so intimidating. They’ve all achieved so much that they make us look so inferior”. This set me thinking. Why do people believe that in order for one person to win, another has to lose?

The Key insight is to change the narrative from one of “winning” to one of “contributing”. From childhood, we are taught to win at all costs. This is a very stressful view to have. It is what Stephen Covey used to call “The limited pie” mindset. In the old concept of winning, the pie is limited. If someone takes a large piece of the pie, there is only that much lesser pie left for us. For one person to win, another should lose.

In the new concept of contributing, the pie is unlimited and everyone has enough to share. The pie keeps getting bigger and bigger. Nobody is competing with anyone. We do the best we can without bothering about the outcome. When we change our narrative to contributing rather than winning, everything changes.

Imagine waking up in the morning and saying “How can I contribute to the world?” instead of “How can I win“?

And then, paradoxically, everybody wins.

One thought on “Winning versus Contributing”

  1. Hello Dr sijusir,
    I agree to your way of thinking. In today’s world Speed of technology, changes happening around, we have to cope up with many things, including growing kids and growing profession at the same time. Contented soul with achievable goals is what the need of the hour. No matter which part of the world you are in, this generation which is starting are going to be depressed at some point or other as they are millennials!!
    They have been given everything before asking so obviously they think success will be given without any hard work and when it hits them hard that to gain something they have to run, which is not fed in their brains! They become dull and depressed…..Believe it or not , we as seniors can contribute to their future by making them hard workers!!! Your podcasts are hitting at the right time and I m sure if they catch the Crux of the podcast they can definitely change their lives!!
    My two cents!!
    Awesome ideation and concept!
    Waiting for the next one.
    I remain!
    Warm Regards
    Dr Hetal Nigam Buch


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