Constructive criticism from loved ones?

Probably not a great idea
Paradox of entailment perhaps?
The ones who should be the proudest of your success might not be your best cheerleaders

The people closest to you are usually the first ones who sense that you are growing
They can see you evolving into a different person
They fear that they might lose you
And so they try their best to make sure you remain the same

In a weird way, it too is love. But it is love from the dark side

We always have a choice
Either fight and overcome the voices of dissent
Or sacrifice our dreams to maintain the status quo

Both choices come with a price
In one, we endure short-term pain for long-term fulfillment
In the other, we endure short-term comfort for a lifetime of regret

As Jersey Gregorek said:
Easy choices – hard life
Hard choices – easy life.

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