Bryan Adams and choosing the right role model

bryan admas

Last weekend, I watched Bryan Adams perform non-stop for 2 hours in Bangalore.
Bryan sang all his popular numbers (except for “please forgive me”) in front of thousands of screaming fans who sang along with every number. It was, as a friend who came along with me for the concert said, “a night to remember”.
Several things stood out for me.

The first- almost unbelievable fact – is that Bryan Adams is almost 60 years years old (13 months away from 60 to be precise) and still rocking! Despite being around for so long and having achieved virtually everything a rock star could possibly achieve, Bryan was still 100 percent in-sync with his fans that night. He was extremely humble, cared about his audience and was fully involved. You could sense the passion he still has for his craft.

Secondly, he had unbelievable energy. All the band members went for short breaks in between. Bryan was the only one who continued to perform non-stop even when there wasn’t anyone else on stage. And by performance, i don’t mean just humming along. It was full-throated singing for 2 hours without a single break! I can’t even imagine the discipline he has to sustain that kind of energy for so long. You had to see it to believe it!

And finally, one could sense the camaraderie the band members had. The lead guitarist had multiple problems while performing and it was fascinating to watch the other band members cover up without stopping. Nobody does it alone!

But most of all, long after the concert was over, I thought of Bryan Adams and what a fantastic role model he was for any professional. At every stage in our lives, we are free to choose role models. Be careful what role models you choose because the idol you choose determines who you become. Choose someone average and your bar will be set very low.

When I’m 60, I know who my role model will be.
I don’t want to ever forget how Bryan Adams was, that evening in Bangalore.
When I’m 60, I don’t want to sit around in a chair retired.
I wanna rock, roll, scream and shout. And i want to do all that, with my head firmly on my shoulders.
I want to be just like Bryan Adams.

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