The artist creates for himself

Have you heard of a lyricist named PMA Jabbar?
How about a Malayalam song called “Manikya Malaraya Poovi”?
Perhaps, if I mentioned Priya Varrier who “winked” her way to success, would that ring a bell?
The last time I checked, this song had over 78 million views on youtube.
This is not a new song.
It is a popular “Mappilapattu” in Kerala.
It has been sung by Malayalee muslims at weddings for over 40 years!
What is bizarre is the fact that hardly anyone knew the lyricist.
Today, even after the song has become such a big hit, not many know the poet.
The poet is an unassuming man named PMA Jabbar who currently works in a grocery store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
He wrote the song when he was 20. He is currently in his 60’s.
It is fascinating to see how Jabbar never bothered about fame. He still doesn’t care about all the hype!
Jabbar has written over 100 poems, and in his close circle of friends; is known as “Ustad”.
Here is a clip of Jabbar singing his song when a news reporter traced him to his grocery store in Riyadh:


And here is a clip of the song in its current Avatar:

The artist creates for himself. Everything else is a bonus.

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