About Success

You think too much!
That is a dialogue I’ve heard so many times. Its probably true.
Yet, the more I observe people and interact with them, the more I am convinced that  very few people actually think before they do.
It is true that that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But, if the first few steps are in the wrong direction, you will end up very far away from the place you wanted to be.
Before we classify someone as “successful”, we need to ask them whether what they are, is truly what they wanted to be?

Mukesh Ambani is probably among the most powerful people in India. But, before you classify him a success, you would have to first ask him whether that was his original goal.  If all that Mukesh Ambani ever wanted to do, was to be a vagabond and compose poetry, and he now has to spend all his life between people in suits, would you still call him a success?

Stephen covey said it more eloquently than anyone else: “Before you climb the ladder of success, make sure it is leaning against the right wall”


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