Give yourself an award

My Facebook feed is full of my Dental colleagues posting pictures of them being awarded prizes and medals announced by various Facebook groups. I just cannot fathom why people still crave to be chosen.
The whole concept of winning an award, publishing a paper or winning a competition is a remnant of the distant past.
There was a time not -so-long ago, when the only way to be known was to get picked by somebody – win an award or present a paper.
In the past, the only way to publish your work was if some journal or magazine selected your work or if some organization invited you to speak.
Today, anyone who has a computer and an internet connection can publish his/her work.
Today, anyone can give a lecture from their living room and reach far more number of people than a lecture hall can ever hold.
There is no need to rely on any organization, individual or publisher to showcase your work or to put you on a pedestal.
Instead of waiting for someone to pick you; pick yourself!
The only thing that matters is to be consistent and generous in sharing your work to the specific audience of your choice.
Everything else is just noise.

One thought on “Give yourself an award”

  1. Such nice write up sir, the words penetrate our intellect & they are more game changing , help us in so many ways.


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