Membership without a Title

What does it mean to be a member of a Tribe, a group, an organization or Society?
It used to mean something.

In the not-too distant past, not being part of a tribe meant certain death.
In later years, when people became part of a group, the main purpose was to stand for a common goal, to be surrounded by like-minded people and to be inspired by each other.

These days, the whole purpose of being part of an organization is lost. Organizations have become so large and commercialized that they are reduced to mere letters or words, the sole purpose being to inflate one’s ego and play petty politics.

Its time to re-discover the real purpose of being part of a group. There are no titles needed nor degrees to show. All that is required is like-minded people who can interact freely without ego. People who have a growth-mindset and stand for a common goal. A group where the number of members is irrelevant; in fact, the smaller the better. A group where members can be inspired by each other, support each other and  feed of each other’s positivism.

A member without a title, in a club without a name.
Go find your Tribe!

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