Why create? Why share?

Here’s a summary of how my last week went:

Monday: Get up at 6. See the kids off to school by 7. Gym from 7:30 to 8:30. reach clinic by 9:45. Work from 10 to 7. Get home by 8. Spend some time with the kids. Sleep by 10:30.

Tuesday: Repeat Monday’s schedule

Wednesday: Get up at 6. See the kids off to school at 7. Gym from 7:30 to 8:30. reach clinic by 9:45. Work from 10 to 4. Get home by 4:30. quick shower. cab to the airport at 5. Flight to Dubai at 8:30. Reach Dubai by 11 pm. Reach apartment by 12. sleep by 1 Am.

Thursday: Wake up by 7:30. Quick 20-minute sprint on the treadmill. Reach clinic by 9:45. work from 10 to 8. Back to the apartment and sleep by 11 pm

Friday: Wake up by 7:30. Quick 20 minute sprint on the treadmill. Get ready. Reach clinic by 9:45. work from 10 to 7. Cab to the airport. Shower and dinner at the Airport lounge. Take 10 pm flight to Bangalore.

Saturday: Arrive at 3 AM in Bangalore. long queues at the airport immigration. Reach home by 5:30 Am. Sleep from 6 to 8 Am.
Wake up at 8. leave home by 9 AM. Daughter has a school interview at 10 AM. Interview done by 12. Lunch with family at 1. Reach home by 3. sleep from 3 to 6. Spend time with the family till 8pm. Gym from 9 to 10 pm. Dinner and Sleep by 12.

Sunday: Wake up by 9 AM. breakfast by 10 am. Annual meeting of the apartment-owners-association from 11 to 2. Family lunch from 2 to 4. catch some recorded cricket from 5 to 6. visit the clinic from 6 to 8 to sort out some administrative problems and have a look at the cases Scheduled for Monday.

Monday: Repeat the above schedule again with some minor variations

I’ve been doing some variation of this schedule week after week for the past several years. Its become a bit more hectic the past year, because in addition to the above schedule, I’ve been busy setting up another clinic in Bangalore and that has taken a lot of my free time. As a result, my blog writing, podcasts and Endodontic case reports have all suffered.

The question that I asked myself today is this: Why should i take the time to create and share something when I hardly have any free time? Does anyone really care? I haven’t shared anything much the last year and no one has noticed my absence. Everyone is busy with their own lives.

I thought I’d pen my thoughts on this blog. When i started writing the first part of the blog, I was stressed out. My mind kept going back to the hundreds of tasks that i had left unfinished.
But, I notice, that as I type these lines right now, my mental state has changed. I seem to be more positive and in control. A sense of calmness has come over me. And that’s when it dawned on me! We don’t create for anyone else. We create for ourselves!
One has to have an abundance-mindset to create something and share it; to spend time on one’s craft, to create something and to put it out there without expecting anything in return.
It takes a big heart to tell someone: “Here, I made this for you. This is my gift to you”.
The person who makes that statement cannot be the same person who slogs only for himself and his family. We move from someone who merely exists to someone who lives. We change the narrative from “I don’t have enough” to “I have plenty”.
Creating something is making a statement: I have so much in abundance, that I can afford to share.
We change from being victims to being in control of our destiny; if only for that brief moment.

The person who started writing this blog is not the same person who completed this blog.
And that is why, we need to create.
Every. single. Day.



2 thoughts on “Why create? Why share?”

  1. Sir , I enjoyed reading your blogs and really hope that some of your discipline rubs onto me too, thank you for sharing such inspirational words of wisdom and life experience


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