Where have all “The Best” gone?

Why is there a shortage of excellence? If I’m looking for the best in a chosen field, I’m not finding them anymore.

Here’s a scenario: I’m looking for the best electrician in Bangalore. I don’t really care how much he charges. I just want him to turn up on time, diagnose the problem and give me an accurate estimate. After I approve the estimate, I’d like him to coordinate an appropriate time with me, show up exactly at that time, do the work professionally, bill me what he estimated and leave. In addition (because he is the best), It would be nice if he called me the next day and asked if everything was okay? – and if something was not okay, promptly come the same day and rectify it.
I’ve never seen an electrician like that. And if you haven’t seen one either, then chances are; there aren’t many around.
You could probably substitute “electrician” with Painter, Plumber, lawyer, doctor or any professional and the story would most likely be the same.

Which ever field you chose, there is always a shortage of outstanding professionals.  It makes sense to be “The best”.

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